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I’m trying out a support ticket system so I can keep up with people requesting help. Sometimes my email can be difficult and emails get lost in the volume. This will help me help you and cut down on emails not being attended to quickly.

iCloud hack into photos of Celebrities

Looks like this is a case of someone who can guess and brute force their way into your identity.

The security questions for someone who is well known, maybe even biographies about them can make it simpler to work out the security questions. Apple did have a flaw that they closed but these current hacks have been investigated and looks to be the case that most of us wouldn’t face.

  • Make sure you have good passwords.
  • Make sure you don’t use the same password on different websites/services.
  • Set up Two Factor Authentication

Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID

Australia’s iCloud being hacked

This isn’t turning out to be true. Seems like people are re-using their same usernames and same passwords for different sites. Maybe even the same secret questions.

What is scary is that another company may have been hacked and the hackers are trying that list to get into your iCloud account.

To get around this I use 1Password which isn’t cheap. I used to use Password Wallet, there are quite a few. I generate a different random password for each website.

Another option is two-factor authentication. A lot of sites use this now. You can receive a txt when your account is changed or new login on a computer to confirm it’s you.

The best way to use a lithium-ion battery, redux

Our initial guide clarified a great many things about lithium ion batteries and the ways they can differ from other types of batteries. These differences once used to strike fear into the hearts of consumers. For instance, Li-ion batteries, unlike nickel-based batteries, and don’t get their capacity “confused” by shallow discharges. In fact, frequent and shallow discharges are the best advice for keeping a young Li-ion battery fit and trim.

Turnbull lies on NBN to Triple J listeners

news Malcolm Turnbull yesterday made several statements on the ABC’s Triple J radio station regarding financial projections for Labor’s National Broadband Network project which the Communications Minister is aware are false, with the former investment banker inaccurately conflating investment capital and government expenses for the project as well as exaggerating financial figures.