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Robotic Printer

This is something I find fascinating. Personally I need a really portable printer and this seems to fit.

Dodgy emails

I’ve received a few emails pretending to be Apple and Google. Other clients have received them as well. They look very authentic and may say something like you need to verify otherwise your account will be disabled.

To check, don’t click on the link. See who it’s from, that’s a simple give away or move you mouse over the link but don’t click. That will tell you the link.

Usually I manually go to the website



Depending on the email and you can confirm there is probably nothing wrong.

Also be careful of Domain renewals. A company sends a snail mail with a very expensive charge for the domain renewal. Be careful of those as well.

How to ward off iMessage spammers

From MacIssues

How to ward off iMessage spammers

Apple’s iMessage service is the default messaging system for anyone using OS X or iOS, so if you use one of these systems then you likely have an iCloud account active and ready to receive messages. Unfortunately, at times and especially if you have a popular iCloud user name, you may receive spam texts and other messages through your iCloud account.

Any spam can be frustrating, but if you receive bothersome messages through iMessage, they will display in Apple’s notification center, and sound your new message alerts, or even cause programs like Messages or FaceTime to launch.

If you are receiving spam in iMessage, then there are several ways to manage it.

Add to blocked list

The first option is to add the spammer to iMessage’s blocked user list, which will prevent you from receiving any communication from that user:

Go to the Messages preferences
Click the “Accounts” section
Select your iCloud account
Click the “Blocked” tab
Click the plus button, and select a contact to block
Do not disturb

If you do not wish to block people, but instead only prevent from being bothered for a short time, then your best bet is to use Notification Center’s Do Not Disturb feature. To do this, simply click the Notification Center menu extra (to the right of the Spotlight menu), and then scroll up to reveal the “Do Not Disturb” toggle. Click this toggle to prevent any notices from coming through.

Report the spammer

Apple has recognized the problem with spamming in iOS, and has a service you can use to report spammers and have their accounts blocked:

Take a screen shot of the spam message you received.
Note the date and time the message was received, and the spammer’s e-mail and phone number.
E-mail this information to “”